Friday, April 20, 2012

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Defend your position with all costs and show the enemy what you are made of!
The enemy has launched its largest offensive yet and we must hold our positions at all costs. To defend this hill, you are but three and they are more than a thousand! It's practically a suicide mission, but you are the best and our whole army is counting on you. The enemy is approaching, increasing in number and hell-bent on reducing your position to ashes. It's up to you show them our worth!
• Choose your favorite soldiers to fight against relentless waves of enemies and tanks.
• Choose from an astonishing array of powerful and fearsome weapons: rifles, mortars, Molotov cocktails, grenades....
• Detailed graphics, humor and an ever-enjoyable gameplay. The next-gen of Tower Defense games is here!
• Intense "Campaign Mode" and endlessly destructive "Quick Play Mode
• Open Feint social platform: many trophies to win, scores to publish online and records to beat.
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